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Links & resources collected for the Congress of the World Association of Sexual Health.

Hopefully you find this page uniquely helpful, but know that you can browse the site in general (starting with the home page) and find just about everything you’ll see below, and more.

Translate the Sexualitree

It’s our hope to translate the model (and eventually the online resource, curriculum, and supplemental materials) into every language comprehensive sexuality education is taught in (a second hope, bigger hope: that CSE is taught in every language).

Start Translating Now

Using the Sexualitree

To get you started, we have a few helpful links.

First, you’ll probably want to download the resource. When you download a version of the model, you’ll get a hi-resolution image (in both .PNG, for computers, and .PDF, for print) and a basic walkthrough.

Next, we encourage you to check out the Using the Sexualitree page, where you’ll background on the model, and some recommended applications.

Finally, you may want to check out the References & Recommended Reading page, for additional context, citations, and opportunities to learn more. For example, this article by Sam Killermann is a long, thorough explainer of the concept.

We have curriculum coming soon, so you might want to subscribe for updates if that’s something you’re interested in.

Our Slides

WAS Sexualitree PowerpointIn case you want them, or asked for them, click the image alongside this text (or the button below) and they’re all yours.

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