Translate the Sexualitree

It’s important for us that the Sexualitree is accessible in every sense of the word: that it meets learners where they are, that it’s freely available, and — with help — that it overcomes language barriers.

If you’re an English-speaking bilingual, and you’re willing to help us out, we have a form you can use to translate the model. You can click below to start, or scroll down for more information.

Start Translating Now

Anticipated Questions & Answers

Maybe you have one of the following questions. Great!

What if I’m not super confident in my translation skills?

At the end of the form, we’ll ask you to rate your confidence. If you’re unsure, we still welcome you to give it a shot, then we’ll just wait until we get another translation in the same language and compare the two.

Can I just create a translated model without submitting the form?

Yes! Here’s the Adobe Illustrator file for v1.0 (if that’s a program you’ll use), and here’s the font we use for the model (it has limited language support, and you are by no means required to use any font in particular).

Is there a way to translate other than using the form?

You can send your translation (as a Word document, or whatever works) to Our preference is the form, but we understand other people have different preferences.